About Arkolina

Rebecca Coppard is an illustrator living in Bedfordshire. Her nickname has been Arko or Arkolina since she was a teenager (Many moons ago) and seemed a good fit for all her business ventures moving forward. But to be honest, she'll answer to anything but especially 'Do you want a coffee?'

She cares a lot about kindness, the environment and mental health and these themes often run through her work.  She also has an interest in her spooky side and loves to explore British folk history, paganism and modern witchcraft practices to inspire her work and life. 

She splits her time between working on her illustration and running art related workshops (mostly for young people) and is looking to branch out soon into online tutorials as well.

She has worked with Local Councils, Full House Theater Co, Culture Plus, Community Newspapers and more. She is an arts award adviser for the Discover and Explore, Bronze and Silver Levels.