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Stuff I Loved in July

I know at the moment with everything going on it's hard to focus on the good things that make us happy so I've been trying to keep a little visual diary that records things over the month that made me smile. I'm notoriously bad at keeping a Journal daily or even weekly so this works nicely for me.

So here where the things that made me happy in July!

  1. The Rain - We had some really excellent Rain Storms over this month and they were so refreshing and made everything so lush and green. Because it was so warm even walks in it were pleasant, apart from the time I went for a wander in the local quarry with loads of natural clay in flip flops. Soft feet after though.

  2. Tescos Plant Kitchen Mushroom Pizza - I've been dipping my toes into eating more vegan lately after being Veggie for about 15 years now. It's so much easier than it used to be so I'm balancing it all with shopping for both me and my partner and this was an absolute winner!

  3. The Sunshine - Okay I know I said I loved the rain but the balance between the Rain and Sun was perfect. There were some really beautiful days out which made for early summer foraging really great and for just sitting outside to meditate.

  4. Sushi Rice with Cucumber Salad - Thank you Pinterest for this deliciousness. I was craving Sushi but didn't have any nori or really much time. I made a perfect batch of sushi rice and topped it with cucumber marinated in sushi seasoning and soy sauce with a heck tonne of sesame seeds.

  5. My coffee with Oat Milk - Awwwwwh yesssss. While I've been furloughed I've been able to really enjoy my coffee and brew it properly. Oat Milk has been my favourite so far as a milk substitute.

  6. Tali's Weird Sleeping Positions - Our cat Tali has loved having us both at home all the time but our sleeping patterns have slipped so hers have too. This means that while we've been working around the flat she's found some creative ways to sleep around us. On the radiators, the top of doors, on her back in the beanbag like a people.

  7. The July Animal Crossing Update - We caught soooooo many undersea critters. I loved the return of Pascal one of my favourite NPCs from the game.

  8. Reopening my Etsy Shop - I made loads of great new stuff and I'm looking to make more in August. I made pins for the first time, loads of stickers and some adorable prints. Check it out!

  9. Early foraging - Because of the good mix of sun and rain we found some perfect early blackberries alongside other great foraging staples like garlic mustard.

  10. Wild Walks - I'm lucky to live in an area where I can walk about 10 minutes and be somewhere that looks like it's miles away from town. There's a beautiful quarry where they used to film Doctor Who, a cutting that's actually and old trainline with tunnels and platforms left over and ridiculous rolling chalk hills in every direction. Having the time to explore these areas, take photos and identify plants and bugs has been amazing!

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