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All systems go! Welcome to the new Arkolina.co.uk!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

You've reached the newly re-launched Arkolina.co.uk ! Whether you've followed me over from my old site or my social media or whether you're new here I just wanted to say hello!

I've taken this time to re-launch my Etsy as well! I'll also be posting here when things are updated and going through the design process for some of my products.

I've got quite a few ideas for what to fill this blog with so it will be updated fairly regularly. Not everything will be illustration related but I'm hoping to squeeze a few doodle in regardless of the topic. The first of these will be the beginning of Art Book Club starting in the next few weeks where I'll be sharing thoughts on books I've read relating to illustration, small Biz life and more.

I've also got a few personal things going on like planning a wedding as someone who's not super weddingy (not a word) and hopefully having adventures and moving when we can! There might even be more non illustration based crafts peppered in (because I must try everything once, even if I suck at it!)

Basically this blog is going to be a mash up, but it'll hopefully be really heckin' pretty. I hope to see you on the ride!


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